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Arctic Treasures Trading Post
328 W 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK USA 99501-2321


(907) 258-7115

The best way - just stop by the store! Ziggy will be there, and there's lots of cool stuff to see:

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What do we wear in Alaska when it's 50 below? Hats like these. Where can you get one? From Ziggy. He makes them. Right here. By hand.

These are beautiful works of craftsmanship in fur and leather that will keep you toasty for decades. Shown is the Full Beaver Trapper Hat, which is one of the "standards". It comes in brown or black. Of course, Ziggy can also make you a custom hat, in the colors and furs of your choice - all you have to do is tell him what you want.

$200 plus $20 shipping (to USA addresses, contact Ziggy for other locations.)

Natural Color

What does the master leatherworker, shoe repairer, furrier, and artist in leather use to take care of his hide? He uses Ziggy Grease. And now you can too!

Ziggy Grease is waterproof leather conditioner, hand made in Alaska, from a secret formula passed down through generations of bearded leatherworkers. It will keep your leather at it's best!

A tub of this great stuff is yours for only $8.00 and $3.50 shipping. (that's to USA addresses, contact Ziggy for other locations.) No "handling". Ziggy just ships it, he doesn't "handle" it.